Applying for a new ASIC

You will need to come into the Administration Office personally, bringing your completed application form, ID and lodgment fee. Be prepared to have your photo taken for your ASIC.

In order to ensure your application is processed quickly it is important that you fully complete the address details on the ASIC application. You are required to declare a full 10 years address history. NOTE: Day/Month/Year must be included.

Please check with your employer regarding payment prior to attending the Mackay Airport Administration Office. The lodgment fee ($230.00) must be paid at initial visit if your company does not already have an account with Mackay Airport. The $50 deposit can be paid at the initial visit or on collection of ASIC.

Appointments must be made in advance with the Administration Office, for both lodging ASIC Applications and collection of ASICs once processed.

What happens next?

Your application may take up to 4-6 weeks. AusCheck will contact you directly if there are any specific security queries; otherwise you will be contacted by the Mackay Airport Administration Office directly to collect your ASIC.

It is a legislative requirement that BEFORE you collect your ASIC you MUST complete an airport security awareness training Induction. All inductions can be organised on lodgement of your application.

You MUST collect your ASIC personally (via appointment only).