Over 1,000 vehicles access Mackay Airport every day. Getting our passengers and visitors in and out of the airport in a timely and efficient way is our priority.

To improve safety and reduce congestion, Mackay Airport provides designated ground transport areas for dropping off and picking up passengers at both terminals. These areas include public areas as well designated zones for commercial operators including buses, limousines, ride share and taxis.

Mackay Airport invests significantly to maintain these areas and supporting infrastructure to ensure safe and efficient operations for all users.  

Ground Transport Operators

All operators conducting business on Mackay Airport property require an approved Mackay Airport Ground Access Licence or express written consent from Mackay Airport. 

New operators can apply for a Ground Access Licence by signing up on the online self-management tool Park Charge.

Park Charge

Park Charge is an online self-management tool which allows Taxi Drivers, Rideshare Drivers & all other Ground Transport Drivers to sign up to gain access to the Mackay Airport Ground Transport Areas. 

  • For Taxi Driver sign up, click here.
  • For all other Ground Transport Operators (Ride share, Buses, Limousines, etc), click here.

Existing Operators

If you are an existing Ground Transport Operator and have any query regarding your access tags or passes please contact park@mackayairport.com.au or fill in the below form with the detail of your enquiry.

Staff Parking 

Click here for more information about Staff Parking.