Doing business with Mackay Airport

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Firstly, thank you for your interest in Mackay Airport. We value our supplier partnership/s with you and we want to be easy to do business with. We use a cloud-based procurement-to-pay software solution called Coupa.

Through Coupa we can electronically request quotes from you, generate purchase orders for you, and receive invoices from you. You will receive a notification that your invoice has been approved and then you can expect payment within your agreed terms of payment. Accessing Coupa is easy and comes at no cost to our suppliers.

Coupa provides the following benefits for our suppliers:

  • Faster invoice processing and payment
  • Full visibility and tracking of invoice status – track the status of your payment
  • Elimination of lost invoices – reduce the potential for delayed payments
  • Cost reduction for sending invoices
  • Do your bit for the environment – reduce impact on the environment through less printing
  • The ability to create purchase order from catalogued products and services


How the process works:

  1. Once  approved, a purchase order is sent to you by email, requesting the goods and/or services.
  2. Once you have supplied the goods and/or services, you can submit your invoice through the Coupa system for on-time payment.
  3. You will be electronically notified that your invoice has been approved for payment and you can expect payment within your negotiated terms.

 Using Coupa to submit your invoices electronically, will ensure on-time payment of your invoices.

For more information, click here.

**Note - invoices received through general email or by mail may result in delays in processing and payment**



All invoices must have a valid Mackay Airport purchase order number to be processed. Invoices without a purchase order number may be returned to you for re-issue with the purchase order number included.


Further Questions

If you have any additional questions, please feel free to contact our Finance department at

Thank you for your interest and we look forward to doing business with you.