What is Coupa?

Coupa is a cloud-based procurement tool we have introduced to streamline and automate our procurement processes. This tool helps us to connect with our suppliers for ordering and invoicing, which creates a more efficient and effective way of working.


How do I receive Purchase Orders?

You will receive your Purchase Orders by email. This will enable you to check all the Purchase Orders you have received from us through your Coupa Supplier Portal account. (You will also be able to look at all of your invoices as well.)


What does ‘flipping an invoice’ mean / how do I submit my invoice?

There are two ways you can submit, an invoice to us using Coupa.

You can ‘flip’ an invoice from the purchase order notification email you will receive from us by clicking on the Create Invoice button in the body of the email.

You can also create an invoice through the Coupa Supplier Portal (how to submit an invoice through the portal).


My submitted invoice has been approved. When can I expect payment?

Once you have received notification that your invoice has been approved, you can expect payment within your agreed terms of payment. For example, if you have negotiated to be paid within 14 days you can expect payment then. Note, our default terms of payment is 30 days.


What is the Coupa Supplier Portal?

The Coupa Supplier Portal is a cloud-based customer website that allows you to receive and review purchase orders, submit invoices to us and track your payment activity all from one central account, managed by you.


Will we need additional software to work within the Coupa Supplier Portal?

No additional software is required. The Coupa Supplier Portal is a cloud-based technology so you will only need access to the internet and an email account. There is no cost to you. 


What happens if I do not join the Coupa Supplier Portal?

We encourage you to use this completely free tool to submit your invoices electronically.  Invoices will be processed faster if you submit them via the Coupa Supplier Portal or via cXML, providing your own invoice as an attachment.

Invoices received through general email or post are at risk of delayed payment. Registration for the Coupa Supplier Portal is a simple process and is free for all suppliers.


What training is provided for the Coupa Supplier Portal?

You can find extensive training materials on the Coupa support website, by accessing the online help page after registering or refer to our Procurement page for user guides we have produced. If you require further support or training, please contact our Finance Team at coupa@cairnsairport.com.au.


How much does it cost to join and use the Coupa Supplier Portal?

Joining and using Coupa is completely free for our suppliers. 


How do I register on the Coupa Supplier Portal?

You need to be invited to register on the Coupa Supplier Portal by Cairns Airport. Please contact our Finance Team at coupa@cairnsairport.com.au.


How long does the Coupa Supplier Portal registration process take?

The registration process takes no more than 10 minutes. Use the link received in the invitation email to access the Coupa Supplier Portal. If you have any queries please reach out to our Finance Team at coupa@cairnsairport.com.au.


Will I need to re-register on the Coupa Supplier Portal if I supply more than one organisation?

No, that’s the beauty of Coupa. It is a global platform. You will just need to select Cairns Airport in the ‘Profile’ section of the Coupa Supplier Portal.  If you have other customers who use Coupa in the future, you will already be setup and ready to go.


How do I add/give access rights to one of my employees?

Help guides are available on the Coupa Supplier Portal.You can also follow the user guide on this website.


What happens if I forget my login?

Forgotten passwords can be retrieved via the forgotten password link on the Coupa Supplier Portal at the Login stage.


What if I have a dispute?

If there is a misalignment between the electronic invoice submitted in Coupa and the electronic copy of your supplier generated tax invoice, the invoice will be returned to you electronically for you to correct and resubmit.

Please note – invoices created via the Coupa Supplier Portal can only be corrected by the supplier. We cannot modify the data, or any attachments, entered into Coupa by the Supplier.

Disputes are communicated by notification to you providing a reason for the dispute. A comment from us will be shown regarding the action to be taken.

As a supplier you are required to correct the discrepancy and resubmit. In your ‘Invoices List’ in the Coupa Supplier Portal, a disputed invoice will have a ‘disputed’ status with an edit button to the far right (pencil image).

When you click on the edit button you will be taken back to the Tax invoice create screen you originally used to submit the invoice, there you can correct any errors and resubmit.


How do I add freight to an invoice?

If the purchase order does not include a freight line:

Option 1: Add the freight value to the unit rate of an existing line then add a note to Supplier notes field under image scan advising additional charge.

Supplier Note coupa

Option 2: Contact the purchase order requester to add a line to the purchase order for freight.

Option 3: Add the freight value in the shipping section of the invoice.

Shipping Coupa

For additional support please email coupa@cairnsairport.com.au