Airport advises travellers to be prepared

New mandatory regulations from Queensland Health have come into effect requiring those travelling and everyone both indoors and outdoors at Queensland airports to wear a face mask. 

North Queensland Airport Chief Executive Richard Barker said the airport is working to ensure everyone understood the new requirements that will improve safety and increase public confidence in the air travel.

“We’re working closely with government to assist with the implementation of these new measures.

“We want passengers travelling through Mackay airport to feel safe and we ask that everyone in the terminal and those flying to be prepared and to have a face mask ready to wear, to ensure the safety of everyone travelling”, Mr Barker said.

A recent online survey commissioned by the Australian Airport Association showed the majority of travelling Australians would be more confident to fly is facemasks were mandatory.

  • 83% would wear a facemask travelling domestically
  • 71% would be more confident to fly domestically if facemasks were mandatory

The new Direction from Queensland Health requires face masks to be worn at all times throughout airports, as well as while passengers are on aircraft.

Face masks are not mandatory for children under the age of 12, for persons with a medical condition or disability, or if it is not safe to do so.

More information on Queensland’s Public Health Directions can be found for travellers or airport visitors can be found Queensland Health website.