Major Upgrades Underway as Mackay Airport Thrives

A swathe of upgrades are taking shape at Mackay Airport, including a major car park expansion which will add almost 250 additional spaces for customers.

Other enhancements to the terminal include new retail stores, wide-ranging security upgrades, a transformed check-in area and refreshed advertising assets, such as new billboards and gardens at the entry to the precinct and new screen displays inside.

It comes as Mackay Airport continues to perform at or above pre-COVID passenger levels, with new direct routes offered by Bonza bolstering traveller movements. More than 32,000 people will travel through Mackay Airport during the upcoming two-week school holiday period, with staggered interstate holiday periods expected to extend the heightened passenger numbers into October. Mackay Airport has arranged for a number of talented local musicians to perform in the outdoor observation area during the holidays.

Mackay Airport Head of Operations, Adrian Miles, said all of the upgrades slated for 2023 were aimed at improving the customer experience and enabling efficient operations.

“We are thrilled to be expanding the long-term car park with a further 247 bays, bringing it from 368 to 615. Vassallo Constructions have been engaged to carry out this project and we are proud to be supporting a long-running local family business,” he said.

“We have also recently integrated eight new automatic bag drop stations and 12 self-service kiosks to the check-in area, which has created more space in the terminal. Where previously we may have had two counters open for check-in, potentially leading to queues, these upgrades mean there are more available facilities and help to expedite that overall experience.”

Earlier this year, News@MKY opened its doors in the departure lounge, stocking gifts, travel essentials, magazines, books and specialty products, with an aim to support local producers. Additional customer upgrades will be installed in the departures area later this year.

Security has also received an overhaul, in accordance with Federal Government requirements.
“We have been using new CT screening equipment and body scanning technology successfully a number of months, which brings us in line with airports in capital cities and overseas,” Mr Miles said.

“This is proven technology using the most advanced and modern equipment, and it produces better security outcomes for our passengers. For example, the body scanners are preferable for people who have medical implants such as hip or knee replacements. It means they will no longer be required to undergo a full secondary screening process.”

“This technology is the most advanced way to detect items carried on a person.”