Mackay Airport welcomes Land Use Plan approval

Mackay Airport welcomes the State Government’s approval of the Mackay Airport Land Use Plan 2014.

Chief Executive Officer, Kevin Brown, said the Land Use Plan enables Mackay Airport to continue to develop to meet future demands of the aviation industry and provides the development framework necessary to ensure the airport continues to play an integral role in the prosperity of Central Queensland.

“The Land Use Plan allows us to build on the 13,000 jobs and $1.2 billion of value added revenue the airport currently generates per year for the regional economy,” Mr Brown said.

“It gives Mackay Airport’s owners, NQA (North Queensland Airports), the confidence to make major investments in development projects that will underpin this growth and provide opportunities for us to diversify the airport business mix and bring unique new business to the region.”

“An almost $1 billion redevelopment of Mackay Airport proposed over the next 20 years will ensure it continues to evolve as Central Queensland’s integrated multi-modal transport hub and provides the infrastructure vital for regional development.”