Visitor Identification Cards (VICS)

Any person that does not have a valid red/grey ASIC and has an operational reason to access the Security Controlled Area must obtain a Visitor Identification Card (VIC) and be escorted by the holder of a valid red/grey ASIC at ALL times.

Should you require a VIC, there are 3 areas where VICs can be obtained throughout the Airport:

  • Administration Building – Mackay Airport (office hours only)
  • ASO (after hours ONLY)
  • CSO (after hours ONLY)

Visitors must be escorted at ALL times by a person with a valid ASIC.

Returning your VIC

A Visitor pass must be returned to the Mackay Airport Administration Office when it expires or it is no longer required. If you fail to return your Visitor Pass penalties may apply and this will affect your ASIC application and further access.


If your VIC is Lost /Stolen or Destroyed you will need to inform the Mackay Airport Administration Office as soon as possible.