Electrical items

Electrical items such as mobile phones, digital cameras, MP3 players and laptop computers are allowed within the departure lounges and in the cabin of aircraft and should be packed within your cabin luggage. Passengers must adhere to all requirements for these devices to be switched off during boarding and in-flight. Personal electrical items e.g. hair dryers and tongs may also be carried, however tong replacement cartridges may not be carried. When passing through Security Screening laptop computers and mobile devices (iPads/tablets) need to be removed from your cabin luggage or from their cases to be screened separately. 

Smoking materials

Cigarettes and other tobacco products are all allowed in hand baggage. Please note some airlines do not allow matches or lighters in either checked or cabin luggage, please check with your carrier. Australian Government regulations prohibit smoking inside the terminal buildings (other than prescribed areas) and on board aircraft.

The Security Screening Process

Aviation security is something which is taken very seriously. Federal Government legislation requires Mackay Airport to screen passengers and all other people entering airport departure lounges. The security screening process is designed to ensure prohibited items and weapons are not taken into the lounges or other airside area or on board an aircraft. The consequences of this occurring include delayed departures, terminal evacuations and possible legal action.

The security screening process includes compulsory x-ray screening of personal cabin luggage and walk through metal detector screening of all people, possible hand scanning with a metal detector for those not initially cleared by the walk through metal detector, random bag searches and a random explosive trace detection process. Persons who refuse to undergo this will be referred to additional processes and unless there are legitimate reasons (for example a medical reason) access into the lounge may be prohibited for 24 hours unless the individual submits to this process.

The explosive trace detection process is designed to check that a person being screened has not come in contact with explosives, or chemicals that are used in explosive compounds. The selection of people to undergo this process is on a ‘random continuous’ basis, and those people selected for this screening MUST undergo this part of the screening requirement. Refusal to undergo any part of the screening process will mean you will not be able to enter the departure lounge and possibly not fly.


Anyone entering Mackay Airport will be monitored and recorded by CCTV.