Community grants program

Mackay Airport is proud to contribute to the growth of our community – and what better way than to provide much needed financial assistance to our hardworking not-for-profits? Each month, applications will be accepted from community groups for a $1000 cash grant to help fund a specific project, event or equipment purchase.

Grants will be delivered across a range of key areas that we believe are important for the growth and sustainability of our wonderful community:

  • Health and wellbeing > Initiatives to improve the health and wellbeing of the Mackay region, including education and awareness on the benefits of a healthy lifestyle and making that achievable for everyone.
  • Safety > Initiatives to improve the safety of the Mackay region, including personal and workplace safety measures.
  • Education > Initiatives to provide educational opportunities for the Mackay region or to upskill the organisation’s members.
  • Environment > Initiatives that provide protection and/or awareness about protecting our environment.
  • Arts and culture > Initiatives that support and celebrate the Mackay region’s artistic and cultural community.
  • Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander > Initiatives that support and celebrate the Mackay region’s Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities.
  • Community care > Initiatives that are focused on providing a benefit to the Mackay region.


Is your organisation eligible to apply?

Your not-for-profit organisation is eligible to apply if you fall within the following criteria:

  • Registered not-for-profit organisation
  • Operate within the Mackay Regional Council Local Government Area
  • Hold appropriate insurances for the organisation’s operation
  • Demonstrate sound health and safety practices and standards
  • Are applying for a grant to help fund a specific project, event or equipment purchase
  • Have not received an ‘I Fly Mackay’ grant in the previous 12-month period


The following organisations are not eligible to apply:

  • Individuals
  • Political parties
  • Government entities (except for schools)
  • Commercial sponsorships
  • Religious groups (except for projects that support a non-religious purpose)
  • Retrospective requests (ie for projects or events that have already occurred)
  • Debt retirement, budget deficits, endowments or bequest programs
  • General fundraising appeals
  • Entities that do not meet the set eligibility criteria


How can you apply for a $1000 cash grant?

All grant applications must be submitted online through the Mackay Airport website to be eligible for consideration. Applications will open on the first Friday of each month, and close at 4pm on the third Friday of the month – applicants will be notified of who the successful applicant is on the first Friday of the following month.


2018 ‘I Fly Mackay’ Key Dates 

Grant round

Applications open

Applications close

Results notification


Wednesday 16 May

Wednesday 30 May

Monday 4 June


Friday 1 June 

Friday 15 June 

Friday 6 July


Friday 6 July

Friday 20 July  Friday 20 July 

Friday 3 August 

Friday 17 August 

Friday 7 September
September Friday 7 September

Friday 21 September 

Friday 5 October 
October Friday 5 October  Friday 19 October 

Friday 2 November

November Friday 2 November

Friday 16 November

Friday 7 December

Friday 7 December 

Monday 17 December 

Friday 21 December 

*December application period will be shorter, to allow for funding to occur prior to Christmas


What happens once you apply?

Once we’ve reviewed that month’s applications, all applicants will be contacted via the contact information provided on your form. For unsuccessful applicants, we invite you to apply again the following month. For successful applicants, you will have a few items to check off as part of the grant acquittal process:

  • Book a time to receive your funds – and get a photo with us to celebrate!
  • Complete the ‘I Fly Mackay community grant acquittal form’ – including supplying receipts for purchases made with your grant
  • Provide a minimum of 4-5 images of the project/event/equipment purchase that the grant helped to fund – we’d love to see how you went
  • If invited, participate in a media opportunity to promote your organisation’s grant and what it’s supported
  • Provide recognition to Mackay Airport for their support – tag us in a Facebook post, mention us in your newsletter – we all know a little thank you can go a long way